Merry Christmas from this Cutie!

I can't believe my son is 2 years old + 2 months and that this is going to be his 3rd Christmas! He continues to grow into a happy, handsome & healthy boy and I find so much joy in being his Mom! Merry Christmas from the Marburger Family! I feel so thankful and blessed this holiday season as God has given me so much I don't deserve! His love for me is amazing and hard to grasp but I am so thankful God loves me the way he does! I am even more thankful for the cross and for God humbling himself by being born as a baby in a manger and then dying a horrible death on a cross all for me (and you)! I hope you all can remember the true meaning of Christmas and know that God loves you so much! Enjoy this holiday and let your loved ones know how much you care about them!

I also want to thank ALL my clients this holiday season! You guys are the best and you allow me to do what I love doing! If it weren't for you, Mandy Marburger Photography wouldn't exist so thank you for allowing me to capture your beautiful families!


Having a Bad Day?

Whenever I'm having a bad day... I just look into these beautiful eyes and everything seems right in the world again! :)


Meet Cohen

Meet Cohen.... and his sweet mom, Amanda! Cohen was so fun & he loved his guitar! :) He also loved his mommy & it shows so much through the photos. It was sweet to watch these two walk around together, play together & love each other! Check out a few of my favorites!

...Meet Sutton, the cutest little boy ever! We had a blast at Martha Rivers Park on this beautiful hot day! He was so happy & full of joy and he had the sweetest mom & dad in the world! I picked out a few of my favorites to show....


Jessica & Dustin

Meet Jessica & Dustin & some of their friends & family too! I photographed their wedding & reception & enjoyed it so very much! They were super sweet & so much fun to photograph, as well as their family & friends! They had the cutest, most adorable kids/babies at their wedding & reception with awesome personalities, that I just could NOT resist photographing them also & of course posting a few for you to see! Enjoy....



A couple of years ago we had the opportunity to go visit Hawaii for the 1st time thanks to my husband's brother & his wife! My brother & sister-in law now live there as it is where my sister-in-law is from! Wow, what a beautiful place to visit.... much less live & grow up there! It was so hard for me to pick the photos that best described our visit and all the beautiful places we saw so there is more photos on this blog post because of that... I just couldn't choose! We plan to go back and visit our sweet brother & sister in law very soon as they are due to have their 1st baby this Friday! :) I am so excited to meet our sweet & precious nephew very soon! Enjoy the photos....


Matthew & Jessica

Meet Matt & Jess... some of my BEST friends! I had the opportunity to take their engagement photos, Jessica's Bridals & photograph their wedding day! It was very special for me to be able to take part in all their special, once in a lifetime, moments! They have been married now for about 4 months! Check out some of their engagement photos...